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Pedorthic Supply

Do you have a orthotic, prosthetic or pedorthic facility? Do you want to know how to get all the supplies you need to:

  • Create custom orthotics
  • Measure your customers.
  • Create custom shoes.
  • Maintain your stock.

Get Started

Call us at (800) 743-5341 or visit our wholesale pedorthic supply website. Here are some of the items you might find:

  • Foam (Cloud, Pyramid, PPT, Plastizote, Poron & more)
  • Plastics (Carboplast, Suborthelene & other sheeting)
  • Rubber (soles, heels & sheets)
  • Footbeds (Birkenstock, UCO & other plastic foot beds)
  • Topcovers (Spenco, Leather, etc.)
  • Other Materials (plastic, wood & metal)
  • Glue (Renia, Barge )
  • Tools (scissors, grinders, knives, etc.)
  • Anything else you can think of...

We have the largest selection and stock of supplies on the West Coast. Call and learn about the company you can rely on.